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  • Matt Linden

How to find a good real estate agent

If I roped you in with the title, what I really want to do is share a great quote by another real estate agent: "What makes a successful agent is somebody who knows how to market themselves and get referrals. What makes a good real-estate agent and what makes a successful real-estate agent have almost no crossover."* (Success as measured by lots of deals and lots of commissions earned.)

Talk to me about the continual training that I do and the expertise that I bring, not about the millions in sales that I do by chasing prospects (I don't have that millions and I don't do that.) Talk to me about my dedication to you and true business acumen that I bring to real estate, not about how much I'm always selling myself to the next lead (I'm not). Talk to me about my sincerity in shaking up the market and pricing my services fairly for you, not based on what everyone else charges.


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