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Sell your home

I will work with you to get your home ready for sale and will help you get the best sales price. Try finding another broker that will be in your yard removing brambles (as I will) or looking over your house as a licensed inspector (as I am).


I won't be handing off any part of the transaction to a team - I will personally follow every step and detail so that nothing is dropped at a handoff.

I will give you the true story on how people find their homes and what marketing works for the seller. Then I will execute it.

Buy your home

Would it be nice to tour homes with a licensed home inspector and an investor who's seen all sorts of issues - and therefore knows what to look for? I will help you find your next home and pay a fair price. I will not let myself forget what it is like to be a new buyer. I will explain the process up front and as we go along.

Invest in Real Estate

My wife and I own a collection of single family homes. We've decided that this investment diversity works well for us and have learned a LOT of lessons. I can speak with you about whether real estate might work for you from true experience.

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