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Matt Linden,
Real Estate Broker, Property Manager, and Certified Home Inspector

A truly unique partner in real estate for you

I will help you sell your house for much less than the traditional 3% that you probably know. 


I came into a real estate career accidentally - helping my investor wife and save on broker commissions with purchases and sales, and managing our collection of rental properties. I have seen how I can help others from being on both sides of many real estate transactions. I am always astounded that somehow the real estate industry is avoiding changes in the historical commission model, when so many other industries like travel agencies had to adapt. Let me counter the story others will tell you about why they charge more. I will explain how I do the same marketing, bringing my skills and experience that they don't have.

I have a unique knowledge of houses and real estate compared to other real estate agents.

I learned a lot about houses from all the handyman work and management of contractors on our investment properties. I found home inspections a great fit for my knowledge base, so I became a licensed home inspector. This knowledge of homes helps you as either a buyer having a home inspection or a seller responding the the buyer's inspection concerns. 

My first job after university was in the Navy as a Nuclear Submarine Officer. That start instilled a level of accountability and attention to detail that I have always strived to continue. More recently, I left a career as an MBA in management consulting primarily to raise our two daughters, but also because I realized that I find true purpose in helping others in real estate. Let me help you.

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