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  • Matt Linden

Has the Job of Real Estate Agent Changed in 20 years?

Of course it has. And there are lawsuits that note that.

"Defendants’ [Realtors(tm) and major national brokerage firms] conspiracy has kept buyer broker commissions in the 2.5 to 3.0 percent range for many years despite the diminishing role of buyer brokers due to buyers independently identifying homes through online services and retaining buyer brokers only after they have found the home they wish to buy." ~

I will help you for less than most every other real estate agent uot there. I watched my wife search for her investment properties on her phone, then pay $24,000 to an agent to make one visit to the house and complete the paperwork for her to buy it. Any agent that tells you that a broker offering to work for less is not as good as one charging more is simply selling you on spending more money so that they can have more of it. If they tell you that their services are free because "the seller pays for them," they are economically illiterate or being disingenuous. The buyer agent's commission is simply built into a higher sales price. Agents can give you back some of the 2.5% to 3% that the seller is offering. True, some buyers will need more help and the buyer's agent fully earns that 3%. But if you are a modern online shopper like most, let me prove to you that you can pay less.

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