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Matt Linden

A More Useful Real Estate Broker and Consultant

About Me

I embrace the changes that modern technology brings to real estate and I will sell your house for half the typical commissions that other agents charge. I bring a unique knowledge and experience base as a licensed home inspector and successful real estate investor to my love of helping others in real estate transactions. I'm in this business to shake it up a bit, providing services as a discount real estate agent, yet being a broker with the most useful skills. 


Experience You Can Trust

Sell your home

I will work with you to get your home ready for sale and will help you get the best sales price. Try finding another broker that will be in your yard removing brambles (as I will) or looking over your house as a licensed inspector (as I am).

Buy your home

Would it be nice to tour homes with a licensed home inspector and an investor who's seen all sorts of issues - and therefore knows what to look for? I will help you find your next home and pay a fair price.

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Invest in Real Estate

My wife and I have found that investment properties are good financial diversity for us. I have learned a LOT of lessons from managing our collection of single family homes. I will speak honestly with you as an MBA and successful stock investor about whether investment real estate might work for you from true experience and financial engineering knowledge.

Reach Your Goals

When I was looking to grow in my work in real estate from an accidental landlord (by marriage) to obtaining my broker's license, I tried to speak with other brokers and investors for ideas. I mostly found that they had time for me if I was buying or selling a home or had something to offer them. I am dedicated to not being like that. I love to talk real estate and will gladly do that with you if you are exploring your own fit with working in the field, buying, selling, whatever. Besides my real estate investments, I've also grown comfortable traditional retirement savings accounts. I'll be completely honest in helping you figure out if and where real estate should fit in your plans. Let's talk!

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Let's Chat

Email:  /  Tel: 206-979-8060  

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Phoebe Ho

"Matt sold my investment property for me, helping me get 10% over what I thought I could. He cleaned up the yard and the house, including taking two loads to the dump. I don't think I'd find another agent willing to do that."

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